Why I Love Swap.com!

I love the idea of consigning or recycling old or used clothes.  I love this idea even more now that I am the proud mama of a three month old. When we were registering for our baby shower I listed a LOT of new born clothes. I received a lot of three month clothes instead. I did not understand why everyone wanted me to have larger clothes!

At our baby shower we received so many wonderful gifts and the funny thing about a gift is not necessarily the thing itself, but the thought and time that was put into it. It’s a lovely feeling to know you are thought of and cared for. When it was all said and done we had an abundance of clothing and we felt so loved and special for the friends and family who spent their time and money on us.

And then she came. Eloise Jade joined us at 9:28 on September 9th, 2016. And she puked and pooped, and I leaked breastmilk on everything. And we quickly found out that the only way to truly know what we needed was to find out by experiencing it.

Early parenthood felt tough because I was exhausted and no amount of preparation allowed us to have all of the essentials that we needed for Eloise. She was constantly needing changed and the big one–we were TIRED. We were hermits for the first two weeks, and I remained a hermit for the next month when my husband went back to work. The idea of going out sounded great in theory, but my body and my mind needed time to heal and to rest.

In those first few weeks we were tired hermits who still needed clothes for our baby–but we also didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them. Infants and children grow, and sometimes really fast!  A onsie that on average costs $15 and is worn once a week for one month before it is outgrown essentially costs $3.75 per wear. Yikes! Sometimes I am only willing to spend that much money on a shirt for myself, but I will get indefinite use out it! That makes it worth my money! New and barely used baby clothes are just not easy on the wallet.

So we needed affordable, good quality clothing, that we could shop for online. That is where Swap came in. They are an online consignment shop that carries women’s, men’s, baby’s, and kid’s clothing. All of their clothes are brand new or gently used. I sat on my couch and ordered clothing without setting a foot outside my door. I was able to narrow searches by brand, color, size, and pricing. This made it a super fast shopping experience that I could do from my couch. Swap’s product quality is also amazing. Each piece I receive is name brand, looks and feels like NEW, and costs as little as half of the price. Their shipping is also speedy, which was helpful when I was running out of clothes.

And then my baby grew. In the first month she gained three pounds! And then I understood why we were given larger clothes! Better to go bigger than smaller I suppose.

Tomorrow El will be three months old! We are getting ready for the holiday season and we are making many more appearances out in public. She’s starting to gain her own personality and I’m ready to really cloth and style her! Swap is perfect for that too! Yesterday I received another delivery from Swap with three pairs of jeans for under $20! These are prices I am willing to pay and quality that I don’t have to compromise on! Swap is my absolute new favorite way to shop as a new mama! img_0617IMG_0608.JPG

The gray and black jeans in the first pictures are from GAP.

The blue jeans in the second picture are from Old Navy.



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  1. Jenny says:

    Swapping is the best thing ever when you’ve got a little one. This is how we’ve managed to stay on top of my daughter’s growing needs without busting our budget.


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